First Post. Ramblings

This is my first post. I figure I’ll describe myself, what this post is for, and anything else that will pop in my head before this is done. First thing to say is that I am a traveler who loves seeing the world. That is my passion. As a person with ADHD, I have a lot of passions; though no passion has stuck with me like my wanderlust. It is a goal of mine to publish something Five times a week, some long, some short. I’ll make it up as I go.

I have been writing stories lately and will try to post some excerpts here. I have been listening to stories on Audible and figure I’ll write what I thought of the stories. If no one reads this blog, I’ll live. If people like it, wonderful. I hope you, the reader could give feedback on how I can improve my writing.

I ramble. I assume that’s the ADHD, but maybe it’s just me. Some post I’ll proof read, some I’ll leave the first draft. Those first drafts will be rough, but I find it interesting to see what are my first thoughts. I reckon that’s all I got to say. If anyone reads this, Hi!



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