How to Use This Codex

If you are Ben:

Goals from Template 

  • Develop a habit of using the Codex as a repository for beliefs that develop throughout the year
  • Consider doing a monthly review of whether my life is in alignment with values and beliefs. If not, should my behavior change or have my understanding and values changed?
  • Do a yearly review in January of the entire document, editing places where beliefs have changed. expect beliefs and tactics to change – don’t hold on to them to ridgedly

Goals from Myself

  • To better understand where my beliefs originate. do I believe what I do because of society, family, friends, or media

If you are not Ben

Goals from Template

  • Read this with the understanding that you are different from Ben – the way he lives his life is not the way you should live yours.
  • Consider creating your own Codex Vitae. Feel free to copy anything here that is helpful.



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