To understand my beliefs I must understand my opinion on beliefs. These ‘beliefs of beliefs’ are called meta-beliefs.

To first understand my meta-beliefs, I first in need to find a definition of belief that resonates with me. My favorite definition is found below.

Belief: Something that is accepted, considered to be true, or held as an opinion

Merriam-Webster Definition

If I were to rephrase the definition into a phrase more encompassing of my beliefs it would be as followed;

Belief: Concepts or ideas that one accepts as true in order to  understand and/or impose will on the world.


Beliefs on beliefs

  • When I observe the world my beliefs are what help me understand it.
  • When I believe something, I am driven to act. (inaction is an action)
  • My emotions are dependent on how both my situation and actions are aligned with my personal beliefs.
  • All beliefs deserve understanding; no belief deserves respect
  • If I believe someone’s beliefs are incorrect, I cannot disregard their other beliefs.
  • It is not wrong to have contradictory beliefs.
  • I should always challenge my beliefs
  • I should only share my beliefs if I understand and accept potential consequences of expressing my belief.
  • Beliefs are tools
  • The strength of my belief changes depending on my environment
  • My beliefs are the result of both my environment and genetics.
  • I should never hate someone for their beliefs. They too are the result of environment and genetics.
  • Oppressive beliefs can not be tolerated (I must not hate one for their oppressive believes, but I must prevent the intolerance from spreading).

Beliefs are complicated contradicting ideas. In time I hope to examine each bullet point so I may best understand myself. Each point I made are broad statements which need clarification.

Thank you for reading.



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