Perception, Part 2

Perception: Supersenses, and Explanatory

My last post focused on defining perception and my beliefs on Cognitive Bias and Senses.

This post will go into detail on my beliefs on supersenses, and explanatory senses.

Thank you for your time.

Belief on Supersenses

spiritual and supernatural.

Buster Benson

I define Supersenses as ‘Supersenses – Beliefs and observations of things beyond the physical world

My Beliefs

  • God and/or gods may or may not exist
  • If there is a God, It may or may not be beyond the scope of human understanding.
  • If there is a conscious God and it desires my love, its gods responsibility to make itself known and earn my love
  • Belief in God is likely due to human pattern recognition.
  • Absolute Morality does not exist
  • I am uncertain of the existence of a soul.
  • When I use ‘soul’ in a sentence I mean “the part of the person which feels”.
  • A religion not followed literally is philosophy.
  • Religion and spiritualism are not needed for empathy.
  • Eternal consciousness sounds terrifying.
  • I wish I could be religious, but I know I am too stupid to ever get it right.

This is confusing topic for me. I grew up very religious and do miss the religious community. In the future I will go further in depth on my perceptions of religion


Beliefs on Explanatory Senses

Serving to explain

Though for the sake of the a Codex Vitae I will use the following definition

Science, politics, and the universe.

Buster Benson

I find Benson’s definition to be fine enough.

My Beliefs

  • The universe exists
  • The Universe is indifferent to me and all humanity.
  • Other life exists, though there is no reason to believe they have contacted humanity.
  •  Humanity must leave earth if we are to survive into the future.
  • I cannot prove most scientific theories.
  • I choose to accept scientific consensus as truth.
  • Human caused climate change is real. It is likely the greatest threat humanity faces as a species.
  • Evolution happened.
  • Any political system can succeed so long as all agree with it.
  • Sustainable political change requires sociate to adopt a unified philosophy
  • Government should only regulate interpersonal action, never personal action
  • Vaccines are good.
  • Automation of all work is inevitable, a universal basic income is necessary.
  • Scientific facts should not be thought of as objective truths, but as effective tools for predicting future actions.

These beliefs I find to be the most uncertain of all beliefs written so far. Few of these beliefs can be observed or tested by myself. They must rely on experts who spend decades studying these topics. My goal is to maintain a reasonable amount of focus on these beliefs. I don’t believe i will ever have the time nor desire to become an expert on a majoraty of these topics.


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