Type 3 Beliefs: Opinions, Part 1


To begin understanding my beliefs and opinions it is useful to first define what an opinion

a belief or judgment that rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty.
 If I were to define opinion in my own words it would be “Opinions: A specific belief that is extrapolated from ones firm beliefs and principles. An opinion is a belief made into a goal.”
Before I begin defining my opinions I will need to understand my beliefs on opinions, or Meta-Opinion


It is difficult to put into words the diffrence between opinion and belief. below I will try and illustrate the example through example

  • Belief: I believe that opossite colors, such as orange and blue, pair well together
  • Opinion: That orange and blue shirt is cool

The belief is a statement about how I feel about color pairing. The Opinion is the result my belief informing my perception of the world.

My Meta-Opinions

  • Opinions are reflections of beliefs and opinions.
  • Opinions are specific
  • There is no distinct line between belief and opinion.
  • All opinions are beliefs but not all beliefs are opinions.
  • An opinion is formed from anecdotal evidence.
  • All opinions deserve understanding, no opinion deserves respect.
  • It is difficult to persuade anyone with opinions alone.
  • It is important for me to understand what informs my opinions.
  • My Opinions can be changed without changing my beliefs.

I find differentiating opinions from beliefs a difficult task. I hope that as I further define my opinions I can better differentiate belief from opinion and better understand my beliefs and principles.

In my future posts I plan to discuss two types of opinons: Opions on how I should act and Opinion on how society should act.

Thank you for reading.



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