Opinion on Personal Conduct

Personal Conduct

Up to this point I have worked to define what are my beliefs and principles. I have defined what I think an opinion is. Now I will begin defining what how I think I should act. By putting these opinion on page I can analize how my opinions of a good life match with my beliefs. I will also better understand if I am living in accordance with my identified beliefs and principles.

As I write out my opinions on personal conduct I will place goals I do not meet. I will understand that failing to meet these goals does not make me a better person. By writing these goals I can find where I can improve in my life or what goals I need to remove.

Ben’s Rules of Conduct

  • I can only control my own actions
  • I can help others, but can not fix them.
  • I must work for the future.
  • I will not hate myself
  • I will not hate others
  • I will not attach my self worth to others opinions
  • I will try to understand my self and others
  • I will be the change I want to see in the world.
  • I will understand my ADHD brain.
  • I will with my ADHD, not around it.
  • I will not hate myself when i fail.
  • I should treat my body well, It is my only one.
  • I should accept the past
  • I should enjoy the present.
  • I should improve the future

These are the goals for my life. I often feel I fail more than I succeed but must understand that I failure is temporary. I am thankful to have these goals written out. I always know when I fail, but now that my goals are on paper I can quicker understand where I can improve.

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