Opinions On Society

  • A successful society is one which there is both respect for all members in society and one which can sustain itself into the far future.
    • If all members are happy with a monarchy, theocracy, republic or anarchy, that society is well off.
    • A monarchy may treat all members of society well, but can change at anytime with a new ruler.
    • Theocracy may care for the its poorest members, but when a new religion grows, members of the new society will then be oppressed.
    • A republic reprents and cares for the majority, but in a society lacking empathy, the minoraty will suffer.
    • Anarchy would work well if all members in that society were empathetic, but if a group of unempathetic individuals were to gather power, the minority may oppress the majority.
    • (note. I am not commenting on the merrits of any system, simply identifies potential short comings.)
  • A successful society is unsuccessful when any member

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